About the Band

The RAINCITYSIX Band definitely has a collective personality all of its own. But dig down to a deeper level, and you’ll find that each artist has their own unique background, experience, passion and excitement to share with the group…and with YOU! Find out more about our amazing team of musicians and see what will make this band the highlight of your next event.

The Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Dance Band, Wedding Band, Corporate Event Band, Party Band, Cover Band

LAUREN MICHELLE – Lead / Backup Vocals

Lauren brings a deep soul, heart wrenching passion and crazy, sexy, cool dance moves to every performance! With a musical background stemming from Soul & Gospel, Jazz, Pop, & Latin Dance, she will be music to your ears as she weaves from one style to the next with ease. Lauren is all about the energy of live music and connecting with the crowd…can you feel it?

     About the Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Wedding Event Dance Band

 SIOBHAN WALSH – Lead / Backup Vocals / Tenor Saxophone

Siobhan lights up the stage with her infectious energy and groovin’ style! With her gospel / r&b roots and extensive experience in almost every genre of music, expect to hear her navigate from a silky soft jazz tune to a hardcore rap! And if you thought that was all, wait ‘til the tenor sax comes out…get ready to take it to another level!

     About the Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Wedding Event Dance Band

CLIFF DUNN – Guitars / Backup Vocals

This San Francisco native didn’t leave his heart behind when he moved to Vancouver! He brings his funkdelicous style and hip energy to the stage, performing each show as if it was his first…or should I say…last! With his deep roots in r&b, old school, funk, reggae, blues and jazz, Cliff will set your soul on fire with his contagious energy and feel!

     About the Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Wedding Event Dance Band


Laying down the heartbeat of the band, Jamie will have you dancing from the first note with his solid, and electrifying groove! With a long time love for r&b, soul, funk, and jazz, you can feel him infuse every song with the subtlties of his inspiration. And…if you’re lucky, you can even catch him singing backing vocals on a tune or five!

     About the Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Wedding Event Dance Band

BILLY MENDOZA – Bass / Backup Vocals

In the immortal words of Meghan Trainor it’s, “All About That Bass”, and we certainly don’t disagree when it comes to describing the #coolestlaidbackgroovyinthepocketbassplayer around! How did he get such a hashtag, you ask? Maybe it’s his Hawaiian roots, his magical sandals he wears on stage, or his funky selection of hats. More likely, its just that Billy is one of the best bass players..and human beings around…period!

     About the Rain City 6 Band - Vancouver Wedding Event Dance Band

JASON DE COUTO – Keyboards

Jason will take you to school and then some when you open your ears to his soulful, innovative playing. Whether its reproducing an insane keyboard solo from a retro Michael Jackson track or improvising over your favourite modern pop tune with a unique style of his own, Jason takes “tickling the ivories” to a whole new level. You’ll get an unforgettable, unique experience…or should I say, adventure!